The Monster Growth System Bootcamp

  • November 5-6 
  • The Lodge

​For over a decade Coach Micheal Burt has been building and perfecting a system of growth for companies. He has tested that system across multiple disciplines with consistent success and drastic increases in revenue production. Most businesses lack a true growth system to plan, track, and execute weekly. In this extensive TWO DAY BOOTCAMP with Coach Micheal Burt at his lodge in TN you will learn the growth system secrets.

The Comeback Tour with Coach Burt, Sharon Lechter, and Tim Storey

  • September 29th, 2020
  • Phoenix, AZ

In 2020, Tim, Sharon, and Coach Burt will be setting out on a tour of the most DYNAMIC one-day events in the industry with their multi-city tour, The Comeback Tour. With combined decades of experience inspiring and empowering people who seek to get MORE out of their lives, these thought leaders know all too well what it takes to take a setback and transform it into the ultimate comeback. 

Million Dollar Coaching Summit with Coach Micheal Burt

  • September 30th - October 2nd, 2020
  • The Lodge

Spend 3 days with one of the hottest coaches in the country learning how to speak, coach, train, and lead. This is an exclusive opportunity to learn everything Coach Burt has learned, packaged, and sold in his twenty+ year career as one of the top motivators in the country. He will walk you step by step through choosing a clear position in the market, building your content, marketing that content, and ultimately multiplying that content for millions of dollars. This experience will save you years of your life trying to figure it out on your own.

Zero to Diamond

  • TBD

One full day with America’s Coach Micheal Burt and Zero to Diamond Agent Ricky Carruth at the VIRTUAL Summit, a second full day in person event in either Naples, FL or Atlanta, GA,(Date TBD) the Million Dollar Follow Up Ebook, The Million Dollar Follow Up Audio MP3, and the 4 Hour Video Series on Coach Burt Breaking Down The Million Dollar Follow Up System.

Flip The Switch Bootcamp

  • October 30-31
  • The Lodge- Christiana, TN

*This event could potentially be filmed for REALITY TV SHOW*

A 2-day INTENSE bootcamp experience to find  VOICE, build the TOUGHNESS you need to WIN, and find THE ACTIVATOR of your PREY DRIVE. Coach Michael Burt, America's Coach, will enhance your skills to equip you with the mental and emotional attitude to win at the highest levels. 

There will be breakdowns and breakthroughs, moments of revelation and conviction, & strategies and tactics to help you tackle your LIFE in a new and enhanced way!


  • November 12-13
  • Christiana, TN

What if you could be MENTORED and COACHED by THREE of the TOP LIFE, BUSINESS and FINANCIAL COACHES in the WORLD? Celebrity Life Coach Tim Storey, Financial Literacy Expert Sharon Lechter and America's Coach Micheal Burt are you brining you The Ultimate Coaching Retreat in 2 days of never before given UNPRECEDENTED access.

Monster Publishing Retreat at the Lodge

  • November 18-19
  • Christiana, TN

Publishing Retreat for creating the strategy and structure to publish your very own book. The first step to writing a book is “getting started.” Many times you just need the guidance of a professional to give you a structure and the inspiration.

The "Scale with SPEED" Luxury Retreat in Vero Beach, FL

  • October 15 - 18th, 2020
  • Vero Beach, FL

One of the first visions a small business owner has is “How do I scale my idea?” Unfortunately many build businesses that can expand or be sold. Scaling an idea takes strategy, the correct product line, delivery, and an EXIT strategy. Nobody does this better than two people who have successfully built enterprises that have scaled and in some cases SOLD for a high multiple in Judge Graham and Matt MANERO.

Living With A Monster Couples Retreat

  • October 22 - 25th, 2020
  • Seaside, FL

Spend 3 days in Seaside, FL building an intentional congruence within your marriage. You will discover how to build an "intentional life", learn how to live with an obsessed person, and decide how to "include each other's talents" in the business. 

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