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  • Includes access to the monthly coaching session on The Monster Growth System with COACH BURT
  • Includes access to the private Facebook Group
  • Includes a Tuesday/Thursday Rhythm from Coach Burt in the Facebook group
  • Includes weekly strategy and videos from Coach Burt
  • Includes online access to watch up to 3 sessions per month or the replay
  • Includes ONE private COMPLIMENTARY retreat in Seaside, FL with the other $25K members yearly
  • Includes a spot in the Monster Tank as an investor
  • Includes access to six private events per year exclusively with the $25K Members and the other Tycoons
  • Includes one evening on Coach Burt’s Private Jet for “Dinner and Discussion” at a cool location
  • Includes one additional PRIVATE RETREAT in an exotic location with other TYCOONS
  • Access to visit with Coach Burt monthly on strategy, complexity, and partnerships
  • Included is ONE FULL WEEK at Coach Burt’s Private Sea-Batical house (9 bedroom) in Seaside, FL for you and your company or personal use in the off-season

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