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$500K Member Coaching

From: $41,666.67 / month for 12 months

I believe in creating structures of exchange. Exchange of energy, ideas, partnership, and resources. Because of that belief we have created an “OPPORTUNITY COACHING BOARD” for those searching for a deeper connection and more intimacy with Coach Burt and his other top coaching levels.

Once you get to the $500K of investment annually ($41,666.67 per month) you move to the OPPORTUNITY BOARD with COACH BURT.

This is where you get to CUSTOMIZE your coaching package to fit your learning style and to choose what you believe will move the needle for you and your business the most. Choose intimate retreats with Coach Burt and other top Monsters, fly private with Coach Burt to get elevation and mindset, utilize Coach Burt to train and coach your team or host your own private events that Coach Burt coaches you and your team at one of Coach Burt’s top private retreat sites.

  • $500,000 of credits
  • Build your bank account and choose
  • Coach Burt intimately coaching you, your team, and partnering to host unique activation events around the country to drive revenue for you at a very high level.
  • Personal mentoring monthly from Coach Burt to you and your executive team.
  • Unique and creative money generating strategies and partnerships included along with a special pass to all retreats, unique events, and all levels of Monster Producer.
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