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Connect Like A Champion Program with Dr. Kevin Elko

$7,500.00 $4,995.00

This Program begins in March of 2020 and consists of:

  • Two intensives with Dr. Kevin Elko and Coach Burt at Coach Burt’s Lodge in Christiana, TN in April and July 2020.
  • Four Webinars in March, May, June and August 2020 with high ACCOUNTABILITY to specific actions you should be taking.
  • The Connect Like A Champion Online Learning System: Access for attendees.
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In this program you will learn:

  • Why CONNECTION is so critical to building a team and unit.
  • How to build “mini-units” within the group to drastically increase accountability and connection.
  • How to focus on the MAIN things and your LEVEL 10 opportunities.
  • How to BUILD an INCREDIBLE CONFIDENCE in yourself and your people.
  • How to use anger, disappointment, fear, and uncertainty to activate your prey drive.
  • How to recover from MISTAKES, missed opportunities.
  • How to train your executive team and managers to become world class coaches who get the maximum production out of your team.
  • How to become a skilled CONNECTOR to build deeper networks, stronger connections, and monetization opportunities.

This program is unlike any other. You get access to two of America’s best coaches who have coached both athletes and executives to much higher levels of performance.

No one in the country has the unique skill set these two do.

Program Dates:

  • March 5 – Webinar
  • April 9 – In Person Intensive
  • May 14 – Webinar
  • June 11 – Webinar
  • July 9 – In Person Intensive
  • August 20 – Webinar

Your Investment Includes:.

  • Only 50 participants allowed for intimacy.
  • Included reduced speaking fee for your company should you want to book Dr. Elko or Coach Burt to speak to your team or at one of your events.
  • Contact info@coachburt.com for team rates.
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