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From Baby Star to Big Star Video


An intensive at the Lodge with COACH BURT on how to leverage your past into your BIGGER FINANCIAL FUTURE.

Do you feel like you have enormous potential to be the BIG STAR in your industry but you are just missing some key elements?

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Coach Burt believes with the right coaching and structures you can become the GO TO PLAYER in your space and make the transition from a “BABY STAR to a BIG STAR.”

In this INTENSIVE with COACH BURT he will show you the exact steps you need to:

  • Pick and own a clear position in the market
  • Communicate that message through various mediums to train the market to see your star power
  • Build a VALUE LADDER for people to participate with your product or service at basic levels to advanced levels
  • Differentiate yourself in a commoditized world
  • Market and communicate your message to cut through the noise
  • Build a message that repels the wrong people and attracts the right people
  • Build, package, and deliver your message to the world in ways you can monetizeYou have the GOODS. You just need those GOODS to be better packaged and you need CLARITY about how to package and sell your special to the world. Spend a day with COACH BURT, America’s Top COACH and he will help you build the structures you need to make this leap from a BABY STAR to a BIG STAR.Coach Burt has quickly became one of the top performance coaches in the country with a unique ability in packaging and delivering content in a way that gets people to move. His star power has grown by speaking on stages of 10,000 at 10X, strategically partnering with key players that are operating at very high levels, and constantly delivering major results for his top clients. Allow Coach Burt to show you how to make this transition.
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