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Level 10 Opportunity


Thursday, Dec 12, 2019

8:30-2:00 p.m. CST @ The Lodge in TN

The Level 10 Opportunity Intensive with COACH BURT – How to RE-FOCUS on your the BIGGEST OPPORTUNITY you have in front of your face

Many times we can’t see the “Acres of Diamonds” we are sitting on until another person snaps us out of insignificance and helps us RE-FOCUS on the biggest opportunities we have in front of us.

In essence you don’t want to be a LEVEL 10 PERSON and stuck in a LEVEL 2 opportunity. You need to find the right VEHICLE for you. You need to find and focus on your LEVEL 10 opportunity.

In this incredible RE-FOCUSING interactive workshop with Coach Micheal Burt he will help you discover and focus on the biggest opportunity you have in front of you.

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In life we get distracted. Distracted by the day to day grind of our businesses. Distracted by drama. Distracted by the past.

This workshop will help you:

  • Get laser like focused on your LEVEL 10 opportunity
  • Create a plan and structure to manifest this LEVEL 10 opportunity
  • Re-focus your time and energy and resources around this LEVEL 10 opportunity
  • Show you how to transition out of your LEVEL 2 vehicle and in to your LEVEL 10 vehicle
  • Show you how to determine the next 3 steps you need to take toward your LEVEL 10 opportunity
  • Help you mental map and strategize on how to execute on your LEVEL 10 opportunity

You know you could be doing something much bigger. It’s time to “make the noise go away” to focus on the BLUE MARLIN opportunity vs. the BLUE GILL opportunities you are currently facing.

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