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Monster Producer Coaching

$1,497.00 / year

SALE: $4,788.00 $1,497.00 for 1 year

Become a LEGENDARY Creature through Monster Producer with Micheal Burt

After winning championships, Burt retired from athletic coaching to build the Monster Producer Coaching Program, which focuses on the whole person: body, mind, heart, and spirit. The coaching is a systematic and consistent program that teaches sales professionals, business owners, and those interested in seeking rapid growth in business and life. Burt’s goal is to help you to obtain a 43% increase in a one year cycle.  The growth methodologies of the Monster Producer Coaching Program have helped accelerate and advanced top performers and companies in the world.

We believe a good coach can change your life and that those who have a coach earn 3-4x more than those who don’t. You need to have an affinity with the person coaching you.

We also believe a Monster Producer, our biggest coaching structure, is a LEGENDARY CREATURE that combines multiple skill sets to dominate a market.

We believe in being “intense and positive.” I design coaching structures for you to learn, grow, and connect with a dynamic group of other like-minded achieversAccess to the monthly coaching session on The Monster Growth System with certified coaches or Coach Burt

  • Access to the private Facebook Group
  • Tuesday/Thursday Rhythm from Coach Burt in the Facebook group
  • Weekly strategy and videos from Coach Burt
  • Online access to watch up to 3 sessions per month or the replay

Sign up now for the opportunity to reach your potential in business and life with Coach Burt.

If you are interested in the payment plan, please contact my team: 615-225-8380.



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Be coached monthly dynamic sessions by me If you miss get the replays direct to your INBOX so you never miss any of the actions.

In a one year cycle we try to help you find and fill your missing structures including:

  1. How to build a WORLD CLASS “Explanation of Value”
  2. How to build a true PROSPECTING and CUSTOMER GETTING SYSTEM of daily and weekly attack
  3. How to build a MILLION DOLLAR FOLLOW UP to close the deals in your pipeline with a seven touch system
  4. How to extract 5.7 referrals from every transaction
  5. How to become “People of Interest” that attract large amounts of opportunity to you

Each month I break down ONE MAJOR subject of growth. Every live session, every video, and every accountability is centered around topics that will push you to your potential.

Over 700 people annually turn to us to help them achieve a 40-50% increase in their top line revenues through Monster Producer.


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