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5.7 Referrals From Every Transaction (Streaming Video and Workbook PDF)


How to get 5.7 Referrals from every TRANSACTION

A referral is when “great people tell other people how great you are.” Many don’t think to refer because they are caught up in the “current of the urgent” focused on their own lives and their own businesses.

In this INTENSIVE with Coach Micheal Burt he will break down the entire sales cycle and show you how to “optimize” client relationships like you can’t imagine.

You will learn:

  1. How to “prime the pump” to generate massive referrals from every transaction
  2. How to turn new clients into ADVOCATES by exceeding their expectations
  3. How to build referral campaigns to get your base to refer you more often
  4. How to get crystal clarity about who you want to do business with and who fits in the ideal box
  5. How to build and work a TOP 25 strategy that will guarantee a minimum of 75 new referrals annually

This product includes a 3-Part Streaming Video series and a Workbook PDF.

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Tags: Referrals, Sales, Teams

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