Bestselling Author, Dynamic Speaker, Championship-Winning Coach
and Top Business Growth Trainer

Sales, Leadership & Business Growth

Coach Micheal Burt consistently helps entrepreneurs and sales professionals increase their annual revenue by up to 40% in a one-year cycle. He makes sales, leadership, and business growth easy to understand and inspires immediate action with a simple process. He delivers content in a dynamic and intense manner that challenges the participants in a way that only a championship coach can.

Build, Grow & Scale Your Business

America’s Coach, Micheal Burt, will show you how to increase your business by as much as 43%. He consistently identifies the layered structures within every organization and coaches companies and individuals to surge in a particular area to scale and reach new heights within their industry.

Turn Your Managers into Coaches

Great Managers recruit and attract better talent, coach and develop that talent, and then shift their focus to retention. This dynamic and engaging presentation will drive ridiculous engagement, teach your managers how to develop your talent with new and creative ways, and show them how to build cultures that produce over and over again.

Build the Whole Person

How valuable is a person with incredible potential but lacks drive and adequate knowledge? A good coach cultivates all four parts of a person’s nature by activating their body, mind, heart, and spirit. No one is better at developing the “whole person” than Coach Micheal Burt. As a former championship women’s basketball, he is known for building a methodology that connects and innerengineers people and while developing the essential intangibles of trust, chemistry, energy, and buy-in that leads to drastic increase in production.

About Coach Burt

Founder and CEO of Micheal Burt Enterprises

Coach Micheal Burt is a former championship women’s basketball coach who specializes in coaching companies and individuals in highly commoditized and saturated markets to achieve new levels of success. He has a deep conviction that a good coach can change your life, and he taps into the intelligence of the body, mind, heart, and spirit with each of his clients with an intensity that is upbeat and highly contagious.

Micheal Burt has coached business leaders from small entrepreneurial firms to multi-billion-dollar companies. His coaching program of Monster Producer consistently generates at least a 43% increase in a one-year cycle for coaching clients.


My initial goal was to generate $60 million of mortgage production when I began the Monster Producer coaching program. Coach Burt was instrumental in helping me drive over $147 million and becoming #19 in the country.

Carey Ann Cyr

CMG Financial


Implementing Coach Burt’s strategies to build, grow, and scale my real estate career led to 22 transactions in a single month earning $88,000 in personal income which was more than I had previously earned in an entire year!

Wib Evans

CAO, FirstBank


Micheal Burt, you are an amazing coach but more than that, an amazing man! You have been such an integral part of our success and more than a colleague, I value you as a friend.

Laura B. Fellman

Churchill Mortgage

Highlights of my HOTTEST speaking topics that we will customize to your theme:

How to become the PERSON other people want a piece of and cannot live without.

How to become a LEGENDARY CREATURE in your space.

Build your 7 TOUCH system and never lose a lead again.

A story of transition from where you are to where you are capable of going.

Teach your current managers how to recruit and attract, coach and develop, retain your top talent and build cultures that produce.

How to build, maintain, and protect your greatest asset in your confidence (Can be used for KIDS conferences as well).

How to thrive in partnership with a driven and obsessed person (With Micheal and Natalie Burt).

How to utilize conflict to EXPAND in every relationship.

Challenge your group to break through their own ceilings of success to new levels in every area of their lives through achievement, freedom and performance.