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    Who is Coach Burt?

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    Host and Creator
    Zebras and Cheetahs TV Show
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Coach Micheal Burt is a well known author, successful entrepreneur, and top-class business coach to corporate leaders, industry tycoons, and business owners from all around the world.
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7 steps to become a MONSTER PRODUCER!
MONSTER PERSPECTIVE is about the expansion of your current mindset to one in multiples much bigger than you currently think.
MONSTER SKILL SET is a hybrid that combines multiple skill sets into one that is agile and differentiated.
MONSTER ACTION STEPS is activity level uncommon in any industry and is based around the highest use of ones time toward a desired dominant aspiration.
Monster Networks is a systematic way to build deep and entrenched networks of power players, feeder systems, and multiplier relationships with a specific mindset to help them advance their strategy first with the value you create.
Monster Sales System Legacy Selling 2.0, a selling system created by Coach Burt to drastically increase your probability of selling through both unique positioning, activation events, and relationship selling, you begin to plan and execute and circulate with purpose on a daily basis in alignment with where you need to go.
Monster Exposure for you and your business is in branding. positioning, and leverage a following of "lil monsters" that are interested in being in the mix. The "exposure strategies" have to do with cultivating a unique "monster" point of view that attracts massive engaged followers.
Monster Enterprise that serves your life and your vision and is a scalable business that is designed to continually cultivate assets that work for you when you are not working. These "Monster" systems and structures help to build a "self-managed company" that is not reliant on you for distribution. The business serves your life with unlimited cash and opportunity to do with what you please.