Micheal Burt Enterprises is a collection of SIX DISTINCT COACHING BRANDS.
Choose one that fits your needs:


Elite monthly coaching program for entrepreneurs, sales professionals, small business owners, and those who want “Monster Growth.”


Comprehensive training for companies and individuals with over 15 programs in high end virtual training with Coach Burt.


A systematic coaching plan to “transition” your managers, leaders, and supervisors into better coaches who develop your talent.


Bring Coach’s infectious mindset and coaching acumen to your group for speaking or training or to drive serious dominant aspirations.


A 90 day coaching program for new hires or those who are underperforming in sales with high levels of accountability


Devotionals and faith based coaching segments from The Super Coach to start your day or deepen your faith.

“I love this Coach Burt guy. When it comes to what he has to say about coaching and management he’s right on the money.”

– Mike Roberts
Chief Executive Officer / Grace Health Care


Coach Micheal Burt is a internationally-known author and nationally-acclaimed speaker who talks on a variety of personal and business development topics.


Coach Micheal Burt believes everybody needs a coach in life, and because of that belief, he offers a variety of different coaching programs that fit any age group.


Coach Micheal Burt created a FREE online success platform where people can achieve greatness by watching, reading, listening, experiencing, & mastering compelling content.

Speaking Engagements

You are looking for your people to be changed, not remain the same. No one knows this better than Coach Micheal Burt. Coach Burt has been described as a blend who has the energy and storytelling ability of a Zig Ziglar with the deep and meaningful methodology of a Stephen Covey.


With a unique background, pedigree, and motivational skills from his championship coaching days blended with his entrepreneurial mindset, he is the perfect speaker for your next event to leave people wanting more and inspired to take monster action.

We go to work coaching the whole person through the mind, the body, the heart, and the spirit, which manufactures greatness in a modern and competitive world.

Coaching Programs

The Super Coach is unique blend of a former championship coach who has an entrepreneurial  mindset. Coach Micheal Burt has quickly become the go-to business coach for aggressive minded  companies in competitive and saturated markets who want to look different, run faster, and be agile.


Coach Micheal Burt, along with key members of his team, have created unique coaching programs for entrepreneurs, business builders, sales professionals, managers, teams, and new hires. All of these programs can be found online and in-person at Coach Burt’s Greatness Factory based in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

We go to work coaching the whole person through the mind, the body, the heart, and the spirit, which manufactures greatness in a modern and competitive world.

Greatness Network

Coach Micheal Burt teaches a concept called the “free prize,” which is a special gift for potential customers and clients that is absolutely free. Because of this concept, Coach Burt created a FREE online success platform where people from all walks of life can go to achieve greatness by watching, reading, listening, experiencing, & mastering compelling content.


Each week, Coach Micheal Burt, along with many other powerful and successful entrepreneurs, publish compelling videos, inspirational articles, and captivating podcasts that help others achieve one thing: GREATNESS.

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